My life as a mom. (:

The ups, the downs & everything in between

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I know the pain I am feeling is only physical. I know it will not last. I know that it will all vanish the moment you are in my arms. I know that as I count your toes…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…with each number my memories of discomfort, lack of sleep, aches and pains will all fade away into a distant memory. I will only feel the ecstasy of birthing you…of giving you life

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Everything Gabe & my life. <3 i really want to start a blog about just random every day things. Things I did during the day, how Gabe was during the day, ect. I love to write and I am very good at it as well so I figure I would start a blog.

Gabe turned 2 months on the 25th. I cannot believe how fast time is passing by. It seems like just yesterday I had him. <3 My little man is growing up. We had a WIC appointment today and he got weighed; 11lbs. I had them switch his formula and put on my benefits that he is fully formula fed. It makes me sad that breastfeeding didnt work out, but I will go into that in a separate entry. I had to switch his formula this past saturday because I realized that was why he was so cranky all the time. Now he is on Prosobee. He is much better and only cries when he needs something. :) He is starting to smile more and more lately and it is the cutest thing. He still isn’t very playful, he just enjoys looking around and observing. I also thought he was finally on a schedule after he went to bed last night at 8pm and slept through the night only waking twice to eat. Tonight I thought he had gone to bed at 8 as well, but I was wrong. Here it is, 3am and he is just now going to sleep. He will be up in a few hours to eat, which means no sleep for me tonight.

I have also started cooking more lately. This time when I went to the grocery store instead of buying a bunch of frozen meals and junk, I bought ingredients for full meals. I have also been looking up new recipes. Brian has enjoyed every one I have made so far. That makes me happy. :) Random side note, I need new pots and pans. LOL. Its hard to cook when your pans are crappy. I am hoping the more I cook the better I will become. Maybe be able to come up with my own things that go good together. :)

My brother is buying me a new laptop! I should get it tomorrow. Mine is such a piece of crap. If it comes unplugged it shuts off. We even tried getting a new battery for it, but that didn’t work. So i am thinking it is either the charger or the actual port. Well it doesn’t matter im getting a new one!

I am excited for vollyball on Thursday. We are going to play at Tonys work. He works at an apartment complex and they have a net. :) I really need to start working out and eating better. I want to loose weight! I am tired of being so huge, I need to loose this baby weight!! Starting next week, we are going to do yoga and zumba every Thursday as well. So that should be fun. My sister is back in karate and I want to join so bad but I dont want to take on any more financial obligations yet. Maybe in a couple months. :)

Well this is all for my first entry, there will be more to come and daily updates and pictures of Gabe. image

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I really need to be studying.This anatomy class is killing me. Not to mention my dang dog wont sit still!!! bahh